¿Why invest in IP?

In a world where innovation, invention, creativity and marketing are increasingly in vogue, it is necessary to dwell on the importance of protecting the assets and products derived from such activities. To be a successful entrepreneur, or have a SME positioned both nationally and internationally, or to provide your company with proper protection, it is not enough to have clever ideas, it is also necessary to protect the materialization of these, through trademarks, Inventions, designs, models and other derived elements.

The current competitiveness forces the different entrepreneurs to protect themselves against possible infractions and violations of their rights, to be able to position themselves in an increasingly competitive market, that is why positioning necessarily entails an investment; A legal investment of protection.

This legal investment allows establishing a protection framework that protects all elements related to innovation, creativity, marketing, trademarks and other essential parts for a company, among which outstand, confidentiality agreements, software, distinctive signs, patents of invention, industrial designs, designs, trade names, propaganda signs and many other elements.

For example, confidentiality agreements signed between the parties involved, allow the protection of the project to be developed, to establish the limits of the disclosure, and thus avoid leakage of information that could lead to unfair competition. Among many other elements protected by confidentiality agreements are the scope of disclosure, information that may be communicated to third parties, formulas, technological guidelines, designs, business concepts, and many others.

In addition, there are other protection mechanisms such as trademarks, trade names, propaganda signs and other distinctive signs; Patent of invention, software, among others, which through the opportune and correct protection, you will avoid possible counterfeit, falsifications, copies or violation of the rights derived from the innovation.

It is fair to conclude mentioning, that it is through intellectual property, you can find the effective protection mechanisms for innovative processes and products. Since it is a legal framework that provides the necessary protection for the exploitation and commercialization of the invention, with the power to protect and defend the rights derived from it, against third parties that try to make an improper use or take advantage of the protected creation.

Protect your invention, your creation, your trademark and any other elements of your company, so you can defend your rights against those who are increasingly misusing inventions and creations of third parties.


Miranda Urbina, Gabriela