Regional Firm

Lexincorp, being aware of the growing need for individuals and companies operating in the Central American region, to receive centralized legal advice for their unique issues, has created an exclusive department of regional coordination.

Through this regional coordination Lexincorp provides its clients with centralized services, of which you can obtain information of your matter at any office in the region and at any of the places where we gladly address your issues.

This effort makes Lexincorp the first organization in providing legal services in the whole Central American region, being fully integrated through a team exclusively dedicated to ensure said integration.

If you would like to find out more about Lexincorp’s team, responsible for managing this integration, please see the following profiles:

Eduardo José Paiz Cerezo

Regional Director

Marines Cifuentes

Regional Financial Director

Iris Picado

Coordination Costa Rica

Benito Zelaya Calix

Coordination Honduras

Fernando Midence

Coordination Nicaragua