Administrative Law and State Contracting

Administrative Law represents the law, regulating the relationship between the state and individuals.

State interference in Central America is significant and the navigation of its complications can be a complex task, requiring a team of experts in the field, who are on your side.

In all Lexincorp’s offices we count with legal professionals who have knowledge of the functioning of the state administration, who have advised clients on public-private partnerships, state bidding, administrative contracting, such as compliance with requirements and administrative procedures in order to operating productive activities. We gladly support you in any project involving to the state and its various entities.

Wealth Management

Regarding the issues of private life with the seriousness it deserves, we have successfully advised our clients on matters with respect to Strategic Advice and Wealth Management of your goods (companies, real estate, financial assets).

We incorporate Wealth Management into our Practice Areas, in order to increasingly, integrally satisfy the needs of our clients and cultivate the relationship of trust, necessary for all to keep walking forward.


Lexincorp is familiar with all regulations regarding aviation law and is committed to ensuring all of its aspects. The importance of our advisory reaches from reporting on administrative and contractual aspects related to air transport, to daily matters and the projects’ and strategy’s legal point of view.

Our advice also comes to work directly with airlines, owners, and financial companies, regarding the preparation and negotiation of commercial contracts between companies in the aeronautical sector.

International Trade and Customs

The practice of law in the area of International Trade and Customs has taught us to protect the interests and safety of our clients at the very moment and in different scenarios. Our advice therefore ranges from Consulting and Representation in Import and Export processes for both companies and individuals requiring the service, to Negotiation, Conclusion, Completion and Settlement of International Contracts.


At Lexincorp, we understand that the importance to comply with the competition rules as part of the company’s risk management rises constantly. Our counseling purpose is to ensure market regulation, in order to prevent unethical or monopolistic practices that may affect the freedom of markets, so as to protect the interests of our clients. In general, we review agreements between competitors, buyers and sellers, the abuse of a dominant market position, such as mergers.

Commercial Law

It behooves us to use the commercial law and its different branches as a tool to protect and enhance opportunities for our clients. We know the importance and the processes of the establishment and accompaniment of companies of all kinds, starting from the analysis of its statutes and its functioning in general, mergers and acquisitions, franchise agreements, due diligence, asset purchases, joint ventures, to all varieties of civil and commercial contracts. We are here to improve the management and performance of any operation on a regional level.

Labor Law

We do not pretend to understand the operations of our clients without knowing the relationship with their staff, which is an essential part of any company. That is why we are trained to knowing the labor laws in all 5 countries of the region. We advise our clients with an overall view of labor relations and structuring labor strategies, which take all specific aspects into account.

We count with great knowledge in consultation and litigation in the area of labor law. Also, we work on the needs of the employer/employee relationship with both local clients and multinational corporations.

Continually, we work alongside our clients to develop and prepare labor contracts, restrictive covenants, benefit plans, pension and labor incentives, such as manuals on labor norms, all of which involve complex legal requirements.

Our lawyers are frequently sought to do job evaluations and to assess the consequences of mergers, acquisitions, complex restructurings and downsizings, all of which are important diagnoses for the performance of a firm. We represent clients before Courts, Tribunals and Local Administrative Bodies in all kinds of labor issues.

Tax Law

At Lexincorp, we understand the need for an integrated legal advice, throughout the region and the subtleties certain operations involve. By paying special attention in creating tax-efficient cooperative structures, we minimize the impact taxation might have on the business.

We also make sure to have a highly specialized legal advice team regarding taxes, both on a local and regional level, applicable to exports, imports and all kinds of tax generating activities. In this way, we directly help to improve the desired trade flow.

Financial and Banking Law

At Lexincorp we make use of our professional’s experience, which shape this firm at a regional level, in order to provide and continue developing highly professional practice in the domain of banking and finance. Our privileged position as a regional firm allows us to combine our local experience and to work as a team throughout Central America, in order to offer our clients the multinational consulting they require. That is why we are ready to provide our clients with specialized legal advice, ranging from the establishment of local financial and banking institutions, advice on mergers and acquisitions of established banking and financial institutions, to the support regarding the development of contracts these institutions require for their normal functioning, such as loans, formalization of guarantees and disputes that are sometimes necessary to recover the part of the portfolio that is overdue.

In addition, we take the increasing complexity and sophistication of the financial market into account, which makes our team being widely versed in the systems of the financing of capital markets on an international level, having participated as legal counsels of issuers in the process of securitization, structuring of syndicated loans with complex guarantees and the constitution of trusts, both local and foreign, restructuring and debt management, issuing of legal opinions, registration of guarantees, refinancing. In this way, we are able to help our clients from the negotiation process until the formalization of the financing structures and from any point of view of the negotiation, either as debtors, creditors or structurers.

Energy Law

The energy business becomes increasingly interesting in the Central American Region, offering business opportunities to the different system operators, either as generators, distributors or retailers, both on the local and regional level.

Our firm has advised and accompanied companies in the process of accreditation by the relevant regulator, as well as the general establishment of their business and the relationship with the different actors of the system.

Immigration Law

Lexincorp understands that the global environment of business transactions requires transit and migration of individuals. That is why our firm offers advisory services and the processing of immigration issues, both on a personal level, obtaining visas for tourists or students, residences and citizenship and at labor level, obtaining work permits and any other documents or authorizations necessary to labor, trade or reside in the region.

Real Estate

The development of the real estate market in Central America is having a significant growth, providing opportunities for construction companies, developers, investors and financial institutions. When the world economy slowed down and the global real estate market was affected, the development in Central America continued.

We have lawyers specialized in Real Estate that can assist you in obtaining construction permits, tax-efficient property schemes, savings in legal structures and property, purchases of properties with complex guarantees via trusts and other services within the complex branch of the housing market.

For many years we have been advising our clients in order to make their building projects more efficient, reporting the highest amount of benefits through complex ownership schemes and taxation, as well as an approach to project management for obtaining permits, the structuring of contracts and the contract’s execution, from a legal point of view.

Dispute Resolution

In Lexincorp you find a team that has built efficiency in terms of the pursuit of the best interests of our clients. We count with attorneys who have represented not only regional and international clients before local Courts, but have also served as Judges and Magistrates of the Courts themselves, thus obtaining a special knowledge of the judicial structure of our countries. We are very meticulous and demand expertise and experience from ourselves, all needed to resolve differences that arise from the difficulties in contractual relations, both commercial and private, in the areas of administrative litigation, intellectual property, commercial, labor and constitutional law.

Likewise, we represent clients in mediation and arbitration processes, as alternative means of resolution, being aware of our client’s needs to solve their conflicts as quickly as possible. This same experience allows us to advise our clients in structuring their businesses, thus avoiding exposure or vulnerability.

Intellectual Property

Successful business strategies value assets of intellectual property and technology. We understand how these assets improve competitiveness and efficiency in the operations. It is our job to address its complexity in terms of protection, registration, counseling and monitoring of distinctive signs, patents, health records and background studies of distinctive signs, among others. We guarantee our clients the tranquility of our efficiency and professionalism in the field of I.P.


At Lexincorp, we count with broad experience in the area of telecommunications and regulatory systems of radio spectrum, satellite systems and telephony. In particular, our firm provides advice on relationships with government agencies that run the telecommunications system, and the rules governing it. We assist our clients during the bidding process, the obtaining of licenses, such as the negotiations and transactions within the sector, as well as advice and representation in conflict resolution.