LEXINCORP is pleased to congratulate and announce that their clients Gurpo Kin have started operations of their Hydroelectric Plant and several Solar Farms in Guatemala.

Hidroelectrica Xolhuitz (Part of Grupo Kin) started operating a hydroelectric plant which generates 2.3 Mega Watts on march 2017 in Guatemala, and became public on may 2017.

Solar Farm Pedro de Alvarado (1 MW), Solar Farm La Avellana (1.5 MW), Ssolar Farm Taxisco and Solar Farm El Jobo operated by Tuncaj, S.A. (Also part of Grupo Kin) Started operations in march 2017 and combined will generate over 5 mega watts.

The start of operations in the hydroelectric plant and solar farms is the culmination of the hard work of a multidisciplinary team in which Lexincorp Central American Law firm was in charge of all the operation permits, land acquisition documents and establishing all the documentation for the financing of the project.

The putting in operation of this plants consolidates the presence and commitment of Grupo Kin in the region, in which they already operate other plants such as Hydroelectric IXTAL since 2013, hydroelectric in which Lexincorp Central American Law Firm was also in charge of all the legal proceedings regarding, land, permits and financing lead by senior partner Leslie Henry Ayau.

Lexincorp Central American Law Firm represents several energy clients in Guatemala, more than 50% of energy distributors in El Salvador and several other clients in the rest of the region, putting it as one of the leading law firms for energy in the region.