Lexincorp Costa Rica   |   May 9, 2017

For Lexincorp Costa Rica, being in The Best Places to WorkTM of Central America 2017 and in The Best Places to WorkTM in Costa Rica 2017 represents a great pride and a great responsibility and commitment with our people.

Our business philosophy is that employees feel good in their workplace; However, the challenge goes further, we want them to feel happy, that the passion for what they do makes them overcome obstacles.

We recognize that part of our success has been to maintain an organizational structure, where people are clear about the roles and procedures they must comply in order to fulfill the expectations of their positions. We are also aware that teamwork is the ingredient that amalgamates these processes and that without a good working climate this kind of synergy cannot be achieved.

This seal makes that possible candidates see us well and consider us to work here and to become be part of our team, but also causes customers or prospects to look at Lexincorp, as a company that takes care of the core values of society.

In conclusion, this award is immensely important within the heart of the firm, because it gives us the confidence to become better individuals, more efficient, more committed, more professional, and on the other hand, gives us the motivation to continue striving in this path of balance and happiness, which is ultimately our greatest egocentric goal. We are a team, so we have been chosen as a great place to work.

Ing. Iris Picado G., MBA
Business Manager
Lexincorp Costa Rica