Nicaragua – Ministry of Government Implements Digital Platform for Online Procedures.

The Ministry of Government of the Republic of Nicaragua has recently implemented a new system of online procedures that applies to the institutions that are governed by the ministry, which are: the General Board of Immigration and Foreign Services, the General Board of Firefighters of Nicaragua and the National Penitentiary System. According to the authorities this would facilitate access to the different procedures that these institutions offer.

In the particular case of the General Board of Immigration and Foreign Services, one of the most important procedures is offered to foreign visitors before traveling and / or entering the country for any reason, which consists of a request called «Safe Organized Entering and Exiting from Nicaragua for Foregin Visitors», for which they must fill out a form, which they must send to two emails ( and Once the Ministry of Government receives the request and approves it, it sends to the border post (air, sea or land) that is indicated in the aforementioned application has been authorized. This measure started, as explained by the Vice-Minister, as a strategy to make it easier for foreigners to enter the country in a more agile, orderly and safe manner, in addition to safeguarding the country, with the purpose of preventing certain groups from entering in a disorderly manner, given that recently they have detected that people linked to drug trafficking, human trafficking and organized crime have made attempts to enter the country, fortunately thanks to the work of intelligence and updated systems managed by the Ministry of Government, they have avoided the entering of this groups. It is worth mentioning that the aforementioned application must be accompanied by a passport of the foreign person valid for at least six months, and the request must be sent in advance since the response time of the authorities can be approximately seven working days.

Similarly, it has been implemented for the National Penitentiary System, where one of the most novel procedures corresponds to Special Visits Request, that will only require to enter the online platform of the Penitentiary System, create an account with your data, then fill out a form, then choose the desired process and send it to the appropriate authorities and once approved the request will be sent to your email with the day and time they scheduled your visit. This helps speed up this process, since previously people had to visit directly the offices of the National Penitentiary System located in the Municipality of Tipitapa, to physically present the aforementioned request. It should be mentioned that the corresponding authorities in this case, reserve the right to schedule the visit according to availability of time and space in the prison.

Likewise, the online plataform includes procedures for NGOs, among them; Registration of National NGOs, Registration of Foreign NGOs, Liquidation of National and Foreign NGOs, among others. In all cases you must enter the portal of the Ministry of Government as such, create an account to register, then fill out a form and choose the type of procedure you request, you will be given a few emails where you should send an application or letter addressed to Director of the Registry of Non-Profit Organizations signed by the President, Legal Representative or Representative of the Entity and comply with a series of requirements required by the Ministry, including documentation, payment of fees and others. It is worth mentioning that all documentation can be sent via scan through the online system, making it easier and faster to manage it. Nontheless, the institutions may request the presentation of physical documentation whn the procesure has started.

Last, but not least, the digital platform for online procedures implemented by the Ministry of Government, also provides procedures offered by the General Board of Firefighters of Nicaragua such as: Training for Business Fire  Brigades, Training for Government Brigades, among others . The procees requires to sent to the following emails ( and the request filled at the online portal, and then wait for the date and time of your procedure to be confirmed. It is worth mentioning that after confirming your request or your procedure, the corresponding authorities may request additional information or documentation.

The Ministry of Government, with the implementation of this Online Procedures System, continues advancing in the constant modernization of its structures for the benefit of Nicaraguans and foreigners in general.


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