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Zelaya Cálix, Sylvia Nadesda

Zelaya Cálix, Sylvia Nadesda




Sylvia Zelaya’s exercise of profession has been focused on the Legal Framework of Public Administration. Based on her experience of more than twenty years working in the Civil, Tenancy and Labor Trial Courts, such as the Appeal Court, she has specialized in the procedural practice of Civil, Commercial, Labor and Tenancy Law.

Furthermore, her experience qualifies her for advising companies in the development of Civil, Commercial, Tenancy and Labor Contracts, she counts with extensive practice in representing companies regarding labor issues, such as in the negotiation of individual and collective labor contracts, she represents individuals and companies in Conciliation at the Secretary of Labor, Labor Lawsuits, Refunds, Lost Wages, Compensations for Liquidated Damages, Levy of Execution, Action for Recovery, Ordinary Trials, Appeals and Annulments, among others.

She has a mastery of technical, commercial and financial aspects of the administrative, regulatory and litigation areas, such as Alternate Mechanisms of Dispute Settlement, Processing of Environmental Licenses, Permits, Concessions, Preparation of offers in contests and public and private tenders, Drafting or amending of Private Contracts or Public Instruments, Acts, Opinions, Communications, Notices, Terms of Reference and all kinds of Legal and Commercial correspondence.


Professional Associations

Bar Association of Honduras, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tegucigalpa and Cortes, Spanish Arbitration Club.



Graduated in Legal and Social Sciences at the National Autonomous University of Honduras.

Áreas de práctica:

Administrative Law and State Contracting, Commercial Law, Dispute Resolution, Financial and Banking Law, Labor Law, Wealth Management

Zelaya Cálix, Sylvia Nadesda

Sylvia Zelaya has advised and defended a so called maquiladora (manufacturing company) in multiple lawsuits in labor matters brought against the company, obtaining favorable sentences and being able to demonstrate the effective enforcement of the applicable regulations.

She has also successfully advised and defended a real estate company in multiple lawsuits in Civil and Labor Law matters brought against them.

Finally, she has advised a company in the field of Agro Industry in the implementation of a Due Diligence, where a company with assets of a total amount of US $ 30,000,000.00 was acquired for the cultivation of African Palm at the North Coast of the country.