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Coronado, Rodrigo

Coronado, Rodrigo




Rodrigo Coronado has extensive experience in corporate commercial matters, constituting more than 150 corporations throughout his professional career, also giving such entities the corporate structure. For five years he advised a grain warehousing company on labor issues, in order to avoid disagreements between employers and employees.

Likewise, he served as director of a law firm fully dedicated to intellectual property for six years. He has advised various legal entities and individuals on taxation matters and is a member of several Administrative Boards. In his recent practice, he has established several horizontal properties, their corporate structure, fiscal planning and subsequent sale and documentation of the respective credits.

He has also advised several corporate and individual clients with special emphasis on asset structures and corporate governance, both on a local and international level.


Professional Associations

Bar Association of Guatemala, American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) Guatemala.



Graduated in Legal Sciences, Lawyer and Notary at the Francisco Marroquin University;

Major in Real Estate at the Aden Business School;

Master’s degree in Commercial Law at the University of San Carlos de Guatemala;

Real Estate Training Program at the Chamber of Real Estate Brokers.

Áreas de práctica:

Commercial Law, Competition, Financial and Banking Law, Intellectual Property, International Trade and Customs, Real Estate, Tax Law, Wealth Management

Coronado, Rodrigo

Rodrigo Coronado has served as an assistant/director of a law firm, where he efficiently managed a portfolio of more than 4,000 trademarks, trade names and advertising signs.

He has deeded 5 buildings constituted in Horizontal Property, the corporate structure of each project, the purchases of the created subsidiary farms and the bank loans with mortgage guarantees on these farms, in a nimbly, efficient and extremely orderly way.

Additionally, he completely structured all legal requirements imposed by a company’s area of human resources for a grain warehousing company based in Puerto Quetzal, considering all the requirements of the Labor Code and other applicable laws, always negotiating collectively to prevent the formation of labor unions.

He has carried out more than a hundred legal audits Due Diligence for various business entities, achieving their adequate restructuring and limiting the equity risk due to the non-compliance of various norms in force in the Guatemalan legislation.

Finally, he updated the statutes of a Guatemalan Business Chamber, established in Civil Association, due to a current law requiring the Chamber to participate in an Advisory Council, but which in said law was named differently, creating a high risk that third parties could constitute an Association with the name that was described in the Act.