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Bolaños, Ricardo Ernesto

Bolaños, Ricardo Ernesto


El Salvador


Ricardo Bolaños has extensive experience in labor matters, alternative dispute resolution and immigration law, regulating the status of foreigners in El Salvador. He has worked as a lawyer in the Labor and Migration Department of Lexincorp, developing activities for conciliation in administrative headquarters, management of ordinary labor judgments, schedule qualifications, internal working days and regulations, preparation of labor contracts, labor agreements and settlements, termination of labor relations by mutual agreement and supporting documents for the company in general, drafting and issuing of legal opinions, publications of relevant topics in labor matters, evacuation of all stages of the sanctioning procedure in the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, audience’s evacuation in the General Directorate of Social Security of the same ministry, due to recommendations proposed by security technicians, regularization of migratory qualities in the country, residing status of foreign workers, companions, investors, students and legal representatives, obtaining consular and consulted entry visas to enter the country.

He also served as Legal Adviser at the Center for Consumer Defense, an NGO for which he fulfilled the functions of direct user attention, preparation of work reports, drafting of reports, systematization of information, management of settlements and reconciliations and registration of agreements reached in alternative methods of conflict resolution, construction of matrices and drafting of legal reports for institutional purposes. He also served as Legal Auditor in the Department of Technology of Processes and Systems at the Central American University José Simeón Cañas (UCA), in activities regarding Audits of occupational health and safety, elaborating instruments of measurement of compliance and execution of audits, formulation of recommendations and verification of compliance with the labor regulations, with special attention to child labor and social security benefits.

Finally, he counts with experience in labor matters from the point of view of the workers, beginning with his legal practices at the Center for Labor Rights at the Institute of Human Rights of the UCA (IDHUCA), complying with the elaboration of proposals for reform of the current labor legislation, administrative actions before the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, preparation and issuance of unscheduled inspection requests, appearance at conciliation hearings, development and revision of collective labor contracts, calculation of legal economic benefits and review of individual employment contracts in individual labor relations.



Degree in Legal Sciences from the Universidad Centroamericana José Simeón Cañas UCA. Authorized to practice law in all branches in 2012 and authorized as Notary Public in 2016. Trained in theoretical-practical seminars on labor legislation in force in the country at the American Chamber of Commerce, Salvadoran Chamber of Commerce. Trained and certified as a member of the Occupational Health and Safety Committee of the firm, Course of Intensification of Competition Law by the Central American University José Simeón Cañas UCA. Recently, participation in Diplomas of Corporate Legal Advice with emphasis on banking contracting, incorporation of companies, Competition Law, Consumer Law and Arbitration.


Áreas de práctica:

Commercial Law, Competition, Dispute Resolution, Financial and Banking Law, Immigration Law, Labor Law

Bolaños, Ricardo Ernesto

Ricardo Bolaños directed an Individual Regular Labor Judgment of a bank of great importance in the country, which led to a successful result, obtaining an acquittal in favor of the client. The importance of this process lies in the rupture of an increasing pattern of manipulation of information relevant to the bank and material falsehoods by the workers, through which an unobjectionable precedent has been created.

Likewise, he led and successfully concluded a final acquittal in a judgment of an important client in the economic activity of communication and press. The Individual Ordinary Work Trial freed the company from the payment of an individual labor claim of close to US $ 15,000.00.

Finally, within the regularization of labor obligations in the country, he has qualified a wide range of Internal Labor Regulations in various areas of the productive sector in the country. However, the Regulation in favor of an International Cooperation Organization deserves special attention, a document that was pioneering in the region and handled with high quality standards to be refined in revisions throughout all Latin America and Switzerland.