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Bonilla Meza, Paula Rosario

Bonilla Meza, Paula Rosario




Paula Bonilla’s practice is primarily focused on corporate advice for companies and investors in different industries such as Real Estate, Infrastructure, Energy and Tourism. She served as Deputy State Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism from 2006 to 2010, where she was presiding over the program Environmental improvement for the Bay Islands in Honduras, a project funded by the IDB.

She is also a consultant of the Municipality of Roatán, the Bahia Islands, and has served as professor in the field of Maritime law, Aviation, Business and Investment Promotion, Tourism Legislation and Municipal and Environmental Laws at the Technological University of Honduras and the National Autonomous University of Honduras.


Professional Associations

Bar Association of Honduras, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tegucigalpa.



Graduated in Law and Social Sciences at the National Autonomous University of Honduras;

Master’s degree in Administrative Law at the Technological University of Honduras;

PhD in Tributary and Commercial Law at the University of San Carlos (Guatemala – Head Office Honduras);

She has additionally completed various graduate studies in Civil and Criminal Procedural Law and has participated in different congresses and conferences in various legal areas.


Áreas de práctica:

Administrative Law and State Contracting, Commercial Law, Dispute Resolution, Energy Law, Financial and Banking Law, International Trade and Customs, Real Estate, Tax Law

Bonilla Meza, Paula Rosario

Paula Bonilla has advised the municipality of Roatán in the decision-making for the procurement and contracting unit, as well as in the structuring of the cadastral system said municipality is carrying. Apart from this, she has participated in the structuring of interagency agreements.

Additionally, she acted as Deputy Secretary of the Honduran Institute of Tourism that successfully participated in the structuring of various agreements for the promotion of tourism in Honduras. Also, she led the environmental improvement program for the Bay Islands where the following was successfully obtained: Improvement of the treatment of wastewater, waste, best practices for the use of water, energy efficiency, land registry system of the institute of ownership of the island. These projects were contracted with IDB funds, which oscillated in a range of  US $ 20,000,000.00.