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Preza Salinas, Juan Carlos

Preza Salinas, Juan Carlos


El Salvador


Juan Carlos Preza demonstrates experience in registration-related matters, in which he has participated in the inscription in the Trade Register of large national companies, such as Subes El Salvador SA de CV, Union of Sipago Sitramss and international companies such as Direct Security Systems of El Salvador, Grupo Energético del Caribe, SA of C.V.

He has also advised companies in private security matters. Within his professional practice, he has participated in assisting several corporate and individual clients, with special emphasis on patrimonial, registry and corporate structures.


Graduated in Legal Sciences and Attorney at the Technological University of El Salvador;

Diploma in Business Consulting at the Central American University.

Áreas de práctica:

Commercial Law

Preza Salinas, Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos Preza collaborated in the public tender of the company Direct Security Systems of El Salvador S.A. de C.A., for the search and election of the strategic partner for the constitution of a mixed economy society for the development of the integral plan for modernization, design, construction, restructuring, readjustment, administration and operation of the municipal market system of San Salvador.

In the registration-related field, he managed to renew the registration of commerce of the company Samsung Electronics Latin America (Zona Libre) S.A., branch El Salvador. Because of the complexity of the case, the company had a deficit of three years of delay and the public institutions did not want to issue solvencies, as no solvency of previous years are issued, being these 2013, 2014 and 2015, which are indispensable requirements for each year’s registration renovations.