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Ríos, Jeffrey

Ríos, Jeffrey


Costa Rica


Jeffrey Rios is specialized in Administrative Law, has completed PhD level courses, counts with 10 years of professional experience exclusively in the field and teaches as a university professor in this domain. Within his professional career he has advised large companies in the area of Public Procurement, in its contractual relations with the Costa Rican government, as well as providing advice as a consultant on issues related to the general administrative law, the municipal, customs law, taxation and punitive law. He has been the directing lawyer of a countless number of administrative procedures.

In addition, he is an active litigator in contentious administrative proceedings related to contractual executions and processes on the legality of administrative action.

Likewise, for his affinity with the area of technical aviation, said professional has specialized through studies in air and space law.


Professional Associations

Bar Association of Costa Rica, American Bar Association (Administrative Contracting Committee Member).



Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at the University Libre de Derecho in San José, Costa Rica.

PhD in Administrative Law at the University Libre de Derecho.



Spanish and English

Áreas de práctica:

Administrative Law and State Contracting, Energy Law, Tax Law, Telecommunications

Ríos, Jeffrey

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