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Midence Mantilla, Fernando Pastor

Midence Mantilla, Fernando Pastor




Fernando P. Midence-Mantilla has worked in the areas of Corporate Law, Banking and Capital Markets, Contracts, International Transactions, Telecommunications and Immigration Law. He also has extensive experience practicing as a lawyer in prestigious legal firms in Nicaragua and the United States.

His extensive experience includes, among others, advising companies and national and international financial institutions related to means of financing, financial regulation, asset titling, drafting of commercial, civil and corporate contracts, incorporation and legalization of companies, legal auditing and international trade.

He was part of the Legal Department of Telefónica Movistar Nicaragua and of the General Secretariat of Telefónica Centroamérica as Internal Legal Adviser, providing advice on telecommunications, competition law and administrative processes. At present, his knowledge and experience in telecommunications has allowed him to satisfactorily obtain permits and licenses for telecommunications and satellite services for domestic and foreign companies.

As part of his activities in Immigration Law, he served as strategic co-counselor for the international firm Fragomen in Nicaragua, for Del Rey, Bernsen and Loewy and LLP in coordination with its Regional Coordination Center for Latin America in different migration processes, including obtaining residences for senior executives from multinational corporations, as well as permits for characters from the entertainment industry. He served as an assistant to the Honorary Consulate of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Nicaragua.


Professional Associations

Bar Association of Nicaragua, Committee of Investments and Commerce of the American Chamber of Commerce of Nicaragua (AMCHAM), Board of Directors of the Central American Association of Lawyers for Integration (ACAI), Labor and Legal Committee of the Higher Council of Private Enterprise (COSEP).



Graduated in Law at the American University in Nicaragua;

Postgraduate in Banking Law and Capital Markets at the American University in Nicaragua;

Master’s degree in Law, with specialization in Corporate Law, Contracts and International Transactions at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States.

In addition, he has participated in several congresses, courses and seminars, given by different national and international institutions, obtaining diplomas in Corporate Law, Banking Law, Regional Law and Customs Union, Central American Integration, International Transactions and Contracts.

Áreas de práctica:

Administrative Law and State Contracting, Commercial Law, Competition, Dispute Resolution, Energy Law, Financial and Banking Law, International Trade and Customs, Real Estate, Tax Law, Telecommunications, Wealth Management

Midence Mantilla, Fernando Pastor

Fernando P. Midence-Mantilla directed the team that was involved in obtaining concessions for the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in Nicaragua from a foreign business consortium, whose initial investment amount exceeded US $ 50,000,000.00.

He also directed the advisory team, in charge of advising a European investment fund for the placement of more than US $ 20,000,000.00 in loans for different financial institutions nationwide, including legal audits, analysis of guarantees and formalization of the respective contracts.

He was in charge of the team in responsible of awarding state contracts in the energy distribution and generation sector, of eight national companies of the same business group, for amounts exceeding US $ 30,000,000.00.

He led the team in charge of structuring, negotiating and formalizing a series of credits of the amount of more than US $ 20,000,000.00 granted by a major international financial institution, in favor of one of the strongest business groups in the region. His work consisted in the review of the legal documentation of the debtor company, the analysis of the guarantees in the best interest of the parties, the formalization of the respective contracts and the registration of the guarantees granted in the relevant jurisdictions.

Fernando P. Midence-Mantilla led the team that was involved in conducting legal audits and lending to a local client to finance more than 200 projects in the agricultural sector in the first half of 2016.

Finally, he was in charge of the legal team responsible for carrying out statutory audits of 100 sites / properties nationwide, destined for telecommunications infrastructure of 3 foreign capital companies. The team in charge carried out a legal analysis of all potential sites to be acquired by the client, analyzing the possible legal contingencies of their acquisition, as well as the formalization of the respective contracts and their registration in the relevant jurisdictions