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Zelaya Cálix, Benito Arturo

Zelaya Cálix, Benito Arturo

Managing Partner


Benito Zelaya’s practice is mainly focused on business law and has been developed throughout the Central American region, structuring projects in corporate and regulatory law, such as dispute resolution. During his practice he has acted as consultant, advisor and litigator for different institutions in the commercial, banking, construction, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, energy, mining and NGO sector. In addition to his legal practice, Benito Zelaya is a speaker, trainer and consultant of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tegucigalpa, through which he has been invited to provide national and international Conferences by the Chambers of Commerce of the Central American region as well as the International Chamber of Commerce on issues regarding international and domestic arbitration.

He has participated in various conferences, forums and seminars on corporate, banking, energy, construction and arbitration law, among others and has been trained in international and domestic arbitration, under the rules of ICSID, ICC, CIAC, AAA and by the main centers for conciliation, mediation and arbitration in the region, respectively in different countries such as Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama, and USA. He is the founder and president of the Spanish Arbitration Club in the Honduran chapter, a member of the Central American Arbitration Group and has been a member of the board of young entrepreneurs in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tegucigalpa.


Professional Associations

Bar Association of Honduras, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tegucigalpa, International Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Industry of Tegucigalpa, Central American Arbitration Group, Spanish Arbitration Club, Amcham Honduras, Inter American Federation of Lawyers.


Graduated in Legal and Social Sciences at the University Dr. José Matias Delgado in El Salvador;

Master’s degree in Business Management at the Central American Technological University in Honduras;

PhD in Taxation and Commercial Law at the University of San Carlos (Guatemala – headquarters in Honduras);

Specialization in International Business at the University of Georgetown in the USA.

Áreas de práctica:

Administrative Law and State Contracting, Commercial Law, Competition, Dispute Resolution, Energy Law, Financial and Banking Law, Intellectual Property, International Trade and Customs, Labor Law, Tax Law, Telecommunications

Zelaya Cálix, Benito Arturo

Benito Zelaya represented a construction company in an arbitration process, where a favorable award was obtained for his claim regarding executed and unpaid work, interests, liquidated damages, in which the defendant was ordered to pay a quantity amounting US $ 5,000,000.00.

Also, he has advised an infrastructure projects developer company in structuring a regime of condominium property valued at US $ 10.000.000,00, both in its constitution, status, establishment of the board of directors and its respective registration. Specifically, the project was an apartment tower with the most modern and luxurious apartments in the capital of Honduras, including an advanced technology and luxury finishes.

Finally, he has advised an NGO in structuring a project to provide training services for at-risk youth focused on the development of entrepreneurship. This included the development of the business plan, preparation of tender documents and the management and administration of the project, which the NGO won and was therefore hired by a state institution with funds from the IDB. Said project was successfully concluded.