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Serrano Vallecios, Bárbara Melissa

Serrano Vallecios, Bárbara Melissa


El Salvador


Bárbara Serrano has developed her career in litigation, regarding Civil, Commercial and Labor matters, such as Administrative Proceedings, in tributary, municipal and customs headquarters. Within her professional practice, she has also advised several corporate and individual clients, with special emphasis on asset structures and corporate governance, both locally and internationally. 


Graduated in Legal Sciences, Attorney and Notary at the University Dr. José Matías Delgado;

Diplomado en Derecho Procesal Civil y Mercantil (2011); Diplomado en Despacho y Gestión Aduanera (2016)

Áreas de práctica:

Dispute Resolution, International Trade and Customs, Tax Law

Serrano Vallecios, Bárbara Melissa

Bárbara Serrano represented a company in a Common Claim of Action for Recovery of Domain filed against her, adding the payment of damages of approximately USD $ 130,000.00, due to the claim of ownership of the parking lot and entrance to the Plant. In the judgment, the domain claim was not determined.

She also participated in the negotiations of the termination of a company’s lease for US $ 120,000.00, alleging errors of legal representation of the companies, causing absence of consent and reaching an agreement to terminate the contract in advance.

She participated in the administrative process of determination of municipal taxes for US $ 1,400,000.00, achieving the recall by the Municipal Council for defects of legality of the procedure. Then the administrative proceeding was initiated again and it is being discussed in judicial court in the Administrative Litigation Room.

Finally, she participated in various administrative tax procedures for tax assessments of income, VAT, custom taxes, representing companies in various sectors, such as hydrocarbons, energy, food imports and cosmetics, among others. These proceedings are being heard in the judicial seat in the Administrative Litigation Room of the Supreme Court of Justice.