The Legislative Assembly of the Republic of El Salvador has reformed Electoral Code this last July 2017. Within this reform there are specific changes to Article 113 regulatory law with direct reference to numeral 6 of Article 29 Labor Code. This reform states that employers must grant license to employees selected by the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), and have been assigned or conferred any charge or nomination specifically to take part in any Electoral Organism, temporary or permanent surveillance. This legal disposition determines that employers must comply with unwavered salary if any electoral activities interfere with regular work hours. This license is not limited to Mayor and Senate Municipal Elections this upcoming March 4th, but is extended to periods previously designated for Operational Training in accordance to the law, spanning final elections. For adequate confirmation of said participation, TSE will extend corresponding credentials to members of Electoral Commissions, and in the case of Polling Stations, Voting Facility Managers, and Facility Surveillance, participation will be accredited via forms supplied by TSE, signed and stamped by the Secretary of the Municipal Electoral Board or Departmental Electoral Board corresponding to each case.
Find attached Legislative Decree N° 748 that contains previosly stated reforms. If you have any questions or need legal support, please do not hesitate to contact our email or contact us through one of our telephone numbers detailed on our web site