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Lawyers in Costa Rica

Every Law professional serving corporate clients of Lexincorp, are experts with proven experience in the different areas of legal practice. In the case of lawyers of Costa Rica.  We have a team of  associates and partners supported by a great team composed of experts in all Central America that have advised many transnational corporations both locally as well as developing integral solutions with our regional offices.

All our lawyers are responsible for providing consulting services that are in line to our politics governed by ethics and freedom in such a way as to protect the interests of our clients.


A complete expert team of  Lawyers in Costa Rica

We have attorneys in Costa Rica that have represented effectively local and international clients in the different areas of law practice and have also served during their careers as judges and magistrates of our city’s Courts.

This background and experience allows us to obtain unique knowledge of the judicial conformation in both Costa Rica and the rest of the countries of Central America.

We invite you to view the profile of our team of directors and lawyers in Costa Rica and see in detail the extensive experience that will support you in all legal services that your corporation requires with the commitment and dedication you deserve.