Grupo Nexo Franquicia strengthens its presence in Central America and the Caribbean

Grupo Nexo Franquicia strengthens its presence in Central America and the Caribbean


  • Grupo Nexo Franquicia consolidates its presence in the Central American and Caribbean region.
  • It will work closely with one of the most importan law firms in the territory.


With the recent incorporation of Dr. Benito Zelaya as Senior Partner of the firm and head of operations in the region, Grupo Nexo Franquicia is keeping its promise of promoting and professionalizing the franchising system in Latin America.

Dr. Zelaya and Lexincorp Central Law Firm, one of the most important law firms in Central America and the Caribbean, which has more than 40 years of experience in the region, will contribute with their knowledge on foreign investment, company internationalization, corporate governance and M&A, among other areas, in order to achieve the intended goals.

Dr. Zelaya considers that the introduction of Grupo Nexo Franquicia through Lexincorp will strengthen the firm´s service portfolio, positioning it as the first to offer specialized services pertaining the development and expansion of franchises. Also, this will enhance industries´ growth and internationalisation, along with foreign investment.

On his part, Mr. Fernando López de Castilla, Founding Partner of Grupo Nexo Franquicia states that this expansion will assure the future of the franchising sector in Central America and the Caribbean, a region with great potential, but without as yet a key player with international stature that enables Central American brands and services to make a leap into the international market.

Grupo Nexo Franquicia’s commitment to the region is clear: to develop the franchising sector and internationalize brands, a challenge yet to be met in Central America and the Caribbean.

About Grupo Nexo Franquicia

Grupo Nexo Franquicia es a Latin American firm, No. 1 in international consulting and commercialising of franchises, mergers and acquisitions of business chains and investment capitals, with presence in the main cities of Latin America. It offers specialized services through its Consulting, Brokerage and Capital divisions. In alliance with leading firms in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, it composes the biggest global franchising expansion net. It is a member of the International Franchise Association (IFA) and of the Franchises Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Latin America.

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